the poetry of precision

New publication: Building in Air – a collection of poems by John Mason, from our own publisher, Syrinx. Available from Amazon as eBook or ordered as a book direct from us.

Manuscripts have been honoured to be asked to translate with Professor Anne-Marie Reynolds Carl Nielsen’s  entire correspondence – a total of over 2,000,000 words! This will be published online and made freely available by Multivers, thanks for grants from a number of foundations, including the Carl Nielsen and Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen Foundation.

The EU is currently preparing an EU Songbook to include selected songs from all EU countries – with English version. We have recently completed three of the six songs selected from Denmark.

John Mason’s versions of Danish ‘high school’ songs are about to be reissued by the Folk High School Association as a supplement to the famous High School Songbook.

The website gives free access to the 60 or so original songs composed by John Mason and Carsten Borbye Nielsen.

Since 1998 Manuscripts has been creating high-quality English text for Danish writers – both for specialist academics and for literary authors. Translation, editing, proof-reading and revision – texts are made ready for publication in an active partnership with authors.

We specialise in translating texts that seek to make maximum effect or that require a high level of language awareness. These are usually academic or literary. We are very proud to be able to specialise in both.

Requirements for peer-reviewed articles or academic books are high, and the quality of the language is all-important. It is essential to have a clear understanding of the author’s meaning and intention – and at times to challenge and clarify the original text.

It is equally essential to have the linguistic capacity to find the rhythms and the verbal palette needed to catch the mood, style and tempo of the original and to allow the voice of the author (and of the book’s characters) to shine through.

John Mason
Born in London and has a M.A. from Cambridge University in Modern and Medieval Languages. He is a poet and writer and has been published in the ‘Oxford Poets’ anthology in 2004.
Ulla Lauridsen
Ulla Lauridsen is a highly experienced translator and editor working in Danish. She also chairs the Association for Translators in Denmark.
Richard Mason
Like his brother, Richard Mason has a lifetime’s experience and has worked as editor for major publishing houses in the UK and US.

We charge by the word for translation. Typically our rate would be between 1,20 and 2,00 DKK + VAT per source word.

The rate is dependent on the length and complexity of the text. Please contact us with a sample of text for a quotation.

We charge by the hour for proofreading and editing. Our hourly rate is 650,00 DKK + VAT. Again firm quotations will be provided once we have seen the text.

Urgent jobs may be subject to a surcharge.

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